Why Ann Smarty

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»I have founded a new marketing agency that focused on real, actionable tactics. Hire me here «

This is what ChatGPT knows about me (and I agree with most points):

  1. SEOs’ Favorite: Due to her extensive contributions to the SEO community, she has been a sought-after speaker at many top industry events.

  2. Former Editor at Search Engine Journal: Ann Smarty has held the position of an Editor at Search Engine Journal, a leading industry publication.

  3. Founder of Viral Content Bee: Ann is also the founder of Viral Content Bee (formerly ViralContentBuzz), a platform that promotes high-quality content through social media.

  4. Frequent Contributor: Ann has contributed numerous articles to leading online marketing websites, including Entrepreneur, Small Biz Trends, and more. Her articles typically cover SEO, content marketing, and branding topics.

  5. Twitter Lists: Due to her prominence in the SEO and marketing community, Ann Smarty often finds her name on lists of "must-follow" digital marketing experts on Twitter.

  6. Educator: Ann has created and shared many valuable educational resources, tutorials, and webinars for the digital marketing community.

  7. Recognition in the Community: Her extensive work has earned her recognition among her peers, and she's often cited in articles and round-ups discussing top SEO experts and influential digital marketers.

  8. Tool Recommendations: Over the years, Ann Smarty has shared and recommended numerous tools to the SEO community. These tools, curated based on her experience, have helped many digital marketers streamline their processes.

  9. Engaging Speaker: She has been a speaker and panelist at various digital marketing and SEO conferences around the world, sharing her insights and expertise with attendees.

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I am a digital marketer professional and columnist writing for Buzzsumo, Moz, and many other publications.